COVID-19 Response

Now that both MN and WI have reached around 50% vaccination completion of their respective populations as well as the NY Jacks resuming events at the end of June, TCJ intends to host its first event since the pandemic in mid to late August.

TCJ is still working on its policy to ensure all future event attendees provide proper attestation and/or documentation of vaccination. Stay tuned.

TCJ recommends checking with your primary care provider on your current eligibility to receive the vaccine. You may also query the Minnesota Department of Health on vaccine availability by visiting their Vaccine Connector Page.

TCJ continues to meet monthly with other JO Club Administrators across North America to address the resuming of events while vaccinations are still in process.

Wherever your near future adventures may take you, TCJ recommends checking the CDC's current socialization guidelines  before attending or hosting any event.

See you in August!