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Nude Beach Newbie

This is by first attempt at writing erotica. It’s based upon a couple of nude beach adventures that I had as a young man and includes nudism, masturbation, exhibitionism and oral sex on the beach. The names of my friends have been changed. I hope to post more naked adventures and fantasies in the future.

It was the summer of 1980, the summer that I turned 18. I had read an article in the L. A. Times about San Onofre State Beach, a So Cal nude beach. I’ve always been a bit of an exhibitionist. Growing up I loved skinny-dipping in my pool with my buddies and I have always enjoyed showering naked in front of my teammates on my HS swim team. As I matured nudity has becoming something of a fetish and visiting a nudist camp, like the one we passed when going to visit my grandparents, had become a fantasy of mine. But going to a nude beach was even hotter. Thinking about all the naked men made my eighteen-year-old cock spring to life.

I followed the directions down to the “men’s beach” at San Onofre, a mile south of the family section and found myself surrounded by a mass of hot, naked men. The nude section of San Onofre is actually on the property of Camp Pendleton, a Marine base, and I learned that many of the men there were Marines enjoying their leave. I instantly knew that I had reached the “men’s beach” when a hot guy in his twenties jogged by. His hard erection swung up and down while he jogged. I could feel the crotch of my board shorts instantly start to strain as I watched him and his cock continue to jog further south towards more and more naked men. OMG! I had found my sexual nirvana.

The men on the beach were definitely hot. An assortment of ages, sizes, colors, hairiness and cock sizes. They lay and play unabashedly naked while enjoying the warm sun on their bodies, along with the hungry eyes that were constantly checking them out. I don’t really have a “type”, but I do love confidence in a man and dark pubes. As a young man I enjoyed older men; my dad’s age was the best. And I have an attraction to a nice treasure trail and a nice, bubble butt. Fuck, there were so many on display.

I selected a spot by a hot thirty-ish guy who caught my attention. All he was wearing was a sexy pair of aviator sunglasses that framed his handsome face and trim beard. He was tall, tan, lean with a runner’s body and a dark full bush of pubes surrounding a big, bulbous uncut cock. I was almost drooling. He definitely was an A-list man, the kind I had bated to at least three to four times daily.

I found it extremely erotic to undress in full view of so many men and their hungry eyes. I had given candid "shows" in the locker room to some of my HS swim teammates but it was always very secretive and not in the open. No one was bashful at this beach. They stared and enjoyed my body. I sensually stripped out of my board shorts, strategically covering my crotch to give their gazing eyes a nice slow show; to tease them for a moment before revealing my hard eight-inch cock.

Being a blond, surfer boy, I had the quintessential So Cal surfer look. At 18 my chest was nicely defined from years of competitive swimming, lightly covered with short fine blond chest hairs, along with my arms, legs and ass. I had a defined tan line from wearing a swimsuit all my life. It was in sharp contrast to so many of the nude man surrounding me, who had obviously spent many hours naked at the beach or other outdoor nudist friendly areas.

As soon as I was fully naked, I sat down on my towel and slathered sun lotion over my body and cock. My cock was so hard and I enjoyed how it stood erect in full view of so many men. My pubes glistened in the sun, golden with a light glean of sweat. I found it so erotic being the subject of so many guys. It was so sensual to slather my cock with lotion in front of other guys and I loved how my erection responded to their admiration without restraint. It was weird but I didn’t feel self-conscious sitting there naked and fully aroused in front of other guys.

The show around me was fucking amazing. Many of the guys were hard or semi hard. Friends touched friends without any weirdness; sexually and sensually. Men walked in and out of the waves, their cocks hard and bodies glistening in the sun. Guys touched and masturbated their own cocks sensually and sexually without thinking twice about who was watching. It was perfect. My cock responded all day long to the spectacle by staying hard and oozing pre-cum.

There was a 20-something surfer guy to the left of me talking with an older guy, sexually touching and tugging on his cock as they chatted. I loved the openness of their exchange. Soon they got up and walked up the trail into the bushes that fronted the 300-foot cliff behind the beach. I noticed there were many men coming and going up the. Most leaving the cliffs hard and erect. Fuck yea! I had inadvertently planted my towel by the entrance to the cruising area. I’d have to check out that area sometime.

The guy who lay behind the guys who that had just gone up to the cruising area smiled and winked at me, as he gently stroked his hard cock. He was about my dad’s age, in his mid 40’s, in shape, hairy and hard. His cock was thick, about seven or eight inches long and surrounded by a mass of dark blonde pubes. His balls were full and hung really low. I loved how they jiggled as he stroked and tugged on his cock. He continued to stroke it in the warm sun for me. The more that I watched the more he got in to his bate. Being a nude beach newbie, I didn’t want to just sit there and stare (ok I did but I do have manners) so I looked over at the hot aviator guy to my right. He was also staring at both me and the guy to my right who was stroking his cock. He smiled, took off his aviators and nodded to me. They were both so hot and we were all so hungry. I nodded back.

The aviator guy got up, walked over and introduced himself. His name was Mark and his semi hard cock hung at my eye level. It was so beautiful. He asked me if I was enjoying the show as much as he was, glancing over to the guy who continued stroking his cock. I told him "yes" and he asked me if I was finding fun watching him and the other guys jerking off on the beach.

“Of course, who wouldn’t?” I half laughed.

Mark smiled, patted my shoulder and said that I was his type of bud. His cock was surrounded by a nice thick bush of dark brown, slightly curly pubes and it stiffened to full erection while he asked me if I’d like company. I enthusiastically responded “fuck yea” and he went and retrieved his towel and belongings and laid them down by me. OMG! His cock was erect the whole time. So fucking hot! As he sat down, he waved over to the masturbator who smiled and continued bating in front of us. Mark winked at me, “I believe in being neighborly”.

I told Mark that this was all new to me and he said he could tell by my tan lines. I laughed and told him that give me a few weeks and they’d be gone. He smiled and said that my tan lines were just as sexy as a full tan. My cock continued to be at full erection and he told me that he loved looking at it. I was flattered and so aroused by all of the attention. My cock kept throbbing and oozed so much pre-cum that it looked as if I was almost cumming. I told him that I thought that his body was sexy and that he had a great cock. He returned the compliment by starting to stroke it for me. I was in heaven.

Mark told me that it was ok with him if I wanted to jerk off or touch myself. “Everyone does it here. I’d love to see you stroking it…and I’m sure that the guy over there would love it to”. He nodded to our masturbating friend.

I took my cock into my hand and started masturbating for him. It felt amazing to be so free while jacking off. I had always wanted to have a guy watch me jack for him. Touching myself in pleasure. I had tried a few times to get caught stroking at home and at Swim Camp. I even left my window shades open for my next-door neighbor to see me if he wanted to. But this was far more erotic. On a nude beach with so many naked men within eyeshot. Mark smiled and stroked himself. He asked me if I had ever jacked off with a buddy outdoors. I told him a few times at Swim Camp and that I had tried to show off to my hot neighbor. But I didn’t think he saw me, and if he did, he didn’t show many interest. He continued to stroke, “His loss”. Precum started oozing out of his cock.

This was so intoxicating. Being hard, unashamedly naked outdoors in front of other men, stroking my cock, while seeing other guys looking over at me and Mark, smiling and watching, some touching themselves. Heaven on the beach.

“It feels amazing, doesn’t it?” Mark asked.

“Like nothing I’ve ever felt”, I responded.

“They love it, seeing you pleasuring yourself. You’re quite a show.”

I laughed, “Yea…we’re quite a show…” I smiled and moaned a bit. He continued and watched me, “That’s it, just enjoy yourself. Get into it”

It felt like I was being in a live porn show. I continued to watch Mark, so hot and sexy, jerking off next to me. He looked down at my cock and asked if he could help. I nodded and his hand immediately gripped my cock. It was warm and firm and he knew just what to do. The suntan lotion on my cock made his hand slide easily up and down. He continued to masturbate me with great expertise, knowing when to slow down and speed up. I lay back, closed my eyes and let my mind concentrate on the pleasure of his strokes. When I opened my eyes our masturbating friend was now on his knees next to Mark stroking his and Mark’s cock. Mark smiled down at me and continued to stroke me. I looked around us and there were several other guys laying close by stroking their cocks and enjoying the show.

Our new friend removed his hand from Mark’s cock and bent down to suck it. Mark smiled, moaned and continued to stroke me. I had never seen another man get head this close to me. In Swim Camp there were some guys sucking in the bushes but you couldn’t really see much. This was unreal. I loved watching Mark getting head. His sexy body tightening as he held the masturbator's head down on his cock. Soon Mark’s face contorted in pleasure and I could see that he was shooting his load into our new friend’s mouth. Mark continued stroking me without abandon. Our new friend released his mouth around Mark’s cock. To my amazement Mark bent down and kissed him, Mark's cum swapping into his own mouth during their wet kisses, licking the cum off the guy’s lips and smiling. He did all this while he continued to jerk me off.

I had jacked off and cum in my car on the drive to the beach, so I had been able to control myself from cumming. But now I was so close. Our new friend moved over me and soon he was licking my balls as Mark continued to stroke. Oh fuck… that was it. I couldn’t hold off cumming anymore. I shot my load far over my shoulder and head, some drips landing on my chest and stomach, others on the sand and my beach towel. Mark and our new friend licked the cum off of me while he continued to tug my cock. He took my cock into his mouth lapping up every drop that continued to oozed out of it. Some of the guys around of us were cumming or had cum and had gone back to their laying out.

Mark asked our friend if he was going to cum but he said he preferred to edge all day and then go home and jerk off to orgasm while savoring the day’s memories. He smiled and told him that “that’s cool, you’re way more disciplined than me”. Our new friend introduced himself as Paul and he was married and tried to escape each weekend down to the beach for some “me” time.

"We all like our "me"time too", Mark quiped.

I continued spending the day with Mark and Paul, talking, jacking, enjoying the freedom of being naked and jerking off in the sun. I had made two new beach friends for the summer and we spent many Saturdays naked together before I left for college. During that time, I got to enjoy many voyeuristic fantasies up in the cruising areas by the cliffs. I learned that I loved to show off and be seen naked with other like-minded men. I loved to jack off and watch guys fucking in front of me. I loved watching Mark take it up his ass as he wore his sexy aviator sunglasses and moaned louder than most of the other bottoms. I learned how to give excellent head and how I liked to have many, many men suck my cock on the beach. I learned that I loved circle jerks and how to suck multiple cocks in a group. Most of all, I learned from my two new friends how to edge and jack off; and how amazing it is to enjoy a sexual regiment that includes masturbation in my adult sex life, both solo and with partners.

Over the years I’ve gone back to San Onofre many times and enjoyed the nude beach. Sadly, it was closed to public nudity a while ago. I’ve heard that hardcore nudists still continued to use it but there were raids by the police. It was such an amazing beach to be a young gay man enjoying his early sexuality. Even though I miss my days in the sun at San Onofre, there’s always Blacks Beach in La Jolla about 35 miles south that still allows public nudity on the State Park side. I’m no longer a young man. I’m now the older, hot to some young guys, man on the beach. I role that I was taught very well. And I still love nude beaches.

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