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On Assignment

It was March of 2010 and I had been assigned to cover the after effects of the War in South East Asia. It was a six months long assignment titled "40 Years After" and was a photo journalistic coverage of how life had changed in the intervening 40 years. The publication that had hired me had excellent contacts there and had provided me with a liaison and interpreter so I would have access no matter how far afield we ended up. His name was Duong, a sharp young man of around 21, his English, while accented, was perfect, and, as he was only 4 years younger than I, we bonded quickly.

We became good friends, and soon it was comfortable to hang out long after we were done covering things for the day. Two weeks into the job we decided to have dinner at one of his favorite places that catered to westerners. He had asked earlier if it would be alright to bring his girlfriend along for dinner that evening. I assured him it was not a problem at all and I looked forward to meeting her. The evening went well, she was a pretty young woman, as well versed as he was in English and just as well educated. I could see why they were together, a handsome couple, who both laughed often and well and had similar interests and backgrounds. After that she frequently joined us or brought along a friend so I wouldn't feel awkward. They knew I had a long time girlfriend at home so I wasn't interested in starting any kind of a relationship, but it was nice to have company.

After six weeks in the city I decided to venture out into the rural areas to see how different things were there compared to urban life. Duong and I set out to cover several villages and smaller cities with an extended stay in a far province, that Dunog said was not only beautiful but a most interesting place to go.

The first week was a wonderful experience and rich with the colors and life of Vietnam. As we got further into the rural areas the land became even more beautiful than I thought was possible. It was a photographers dream palate to work from. Finally we reached the village he had suggested and he was right it was like stepping back in time but it had a modern twist to it. Communications were modern but the life style more traditional and the setting fantastic, nestled at the foot of hills, lush and green. The next day we hiked up the hills for a better vantage point to shoot the area as tranquil and beautiful in the early morning sunlight. We started out early and by 8 were high in the hills, trying to reach a rock out cropping we had spotted to shoot from. Eventually we reached it and I set up to shoot a series of shots overlooking the valley and the village with the fields being worked. Doung excused himself telling me had wanted to go pee further back in the jungle for privacy sake. I finished setting up and saw another outcrop a bit further up the hill, I knew that if Duong came back he'd be able to see me there and know I hadn't disappeared. I took my other camera, set the one I had just assembled to take shots every 10 minutes, then headed back into the jungle and up to the next outcrop. I walked up the path moving quietly through the undergrowth. The day was just heating up and the sunlight was spectacular as it shone through the overhead canopy, giving certain areas a beautiful dappled lighting. I was about half way to where I wanted to be when I heard a low moan from up ahead. Not sure of what I was going to stumble across I carefully moved forward until I could just see the small clearing in front of me through the heavy foliage. I stopped dead in my tracks.

There was my friend and interpreter nude, his cock in full erection, the sunlight streaming off his golden hued body. His hand wrapped tightly around his rigid organ, his balls a tight round sphere underneath his hand, his mass of incredibly thick straight black pubic hair spilling around his closed fist. He let go for a minute and let it just stand there, proud and erect, before grasping it once more and stroking it strongly, again I heard that soft groan escape his lips. My reaction was immediate and involuntary, my own penis became a raging rigid shaft of sexual excitement. I had never seen another man nude and erect, much less in the middle of self pleasure. I also hadn't had any in weeks and my body wouldn't be denied it's reaction to any kind of sexual stimulation. I moved forward to get a better look, it was as if I were hypnotized by the sight. I ordinarily would have moved quietly away and said nothing to avoid embarrassing my friend, not this time, I was curious and fascinated by my own reaction to seeing his erection. Several things happened at once. Duong turned in my direction to face the sunlight, letting go of his erection, his eyes closed, as his cock pumped up and down to his movement, the rigidity of his shaft overwhelmingly stark and erotic in it's texture of twisted veins and smooth skin, the cockhead a thickened heavy looking mushroom, reddened from deep friction. I stopped and began to quietly retreat, realizing I had pushed forward too far ,when he opened his eyes and spotted me. I froze in place, he froze in place, his erection jerked upward once and small drop of cum emerged from the tip running down that impossibly erect shaft. We started at each other a moment in embarrassment. I began to apologize for intruding, when I realized he wasn't bothering to cover up his state of sexual excitement, as I would have been.

Instead he grinned at me, " I'm sorry to have put you in this predicament." He said then quickly glanced at my crotch " I can see that you're as horny as I was. It's been long weeks for you and only a a bit over a week for me, but I just had to masturbate today. If you like you can join me. It's been a long time since I masturbated with a friend." he finished, looking me in the eye and still grinning.

I was a bit shocked by his forward nature and I had certainly never given any indication that I had any kind of sexual interest in him. I was confused as well that my cock was still standing stiff and making an obvious outward tenting of my khaki pants.

He was still grinning. "It's okay." he said, " As younger men in school we use to do this often in the jungle with friends if we were horny. The sun feels good and the bugs aren't out just yet, besides I really want to see what your erection looks like."

I was shocked still, but I found myself unbuttoning my shirt as if I were in a weird dream, unable to stop myself. Soon I was as naked as he was, my own penis at full attention, my heavy growth of brown pubic hair glistening in the sunlight. My erection gently rising and falling with my pulse beat, my breath caught and coming rapidly to my lungs as my breathing quickened in both excitement and nervousness.

Doung stared at my erection revealed, his own suddenly becoming firmer and almost pointing directly upward.

" Beautiful." He whispered.

My embarrassment was almost palpable by now, I couldn't look him in the eyes, and I tried to not look at his own penis in ascension.

Doung gently chuckled at my discomfiture. " It's okay." he said to me, " I'm not embarrassed and you shouldn't be either. We're men, our cocks get erect, it's just the way it is. Why should you be ashamed of such a naturally occurring event."

"It's not that.... for the most part." I said hesitantly, still trying to wrap my head around what was suddenly happening here. "It's the fact that I got an erection from seeing yours. I've never been one to find fault with peoples sexual choices, but I've never had any attraction to people of the same sex either. Yet, seeing you with an erection gave me an instant sexual response to what I was seeing." Now I looked at him and grinned myself, pointing at my fully erect penis, the sunlight shinning upon it, open to his view ." As you can see, it's still erect despite my embarrassment."

Duong's hand had dropped to his erection after he had uttered that brief compliment about seeing mine and had been softly stroking himself as he still gazed at me. Now he let go of it, thrust his hips gently towards me, flexed his stiffened shaft as he did so and stood there proudly displaying his erection for me to look at. " You have never done this have you?" he asked smiling at me again in warmth " Don't Americans have any kind of sexual exploration when they are younger?" he continued, looking a bit puzzled.

"Of course we do." I told him," but, I have never explored this side at all. I have heard of friends who have done so, I just never did." I finished shrugging at the admittance.

He grinned at me once more then asked, " Would you like to look at my erection?'

I grinned back in response, now looking directly at his display. " I am." I said.

He shook his head slightly the grin not leaving his face, " No." he said," I mean would you like to really look at it?" he gestured toward his erection. " Come closer and study it. You've never seen one before and I need to be honest, the fact you got erect from looking at mine is making me even more horny." He put his hands on his hips, bent his knees slightly and once more thrust his cock at me. His eyes got a bit serious. " I'd like you to."

I moved forward and squatted down so I was eye level with my friends erection. " Shit!" I thought to myself as I felt my penis stiffen even more. "I can't believe I'm doing this and I really can't believe I'm getting stiffer from looking at his hard cock."

I looked up at Duong, who was looking down at me, he grinned again, " You like it." he stated, '"I saw your reaction to what you were seeing, you got much harder. I'm glad you like the way it looks, here, let me pose for you." he finished.

I was astounded and definitely freaked out just a bit as my friend turned towards me so I could study his erection face on and from slightly underneath. My mouth got dry and I heard myself echo his words from earlier

" Beautiful." I could see the incredible details of his erection, no, not just the erection, but his entire male sex organ in erection. The skin was darker than mine, almost a brown tone, the head being even darker than the shaft. His scrotum was a dusky color like magenta tinged ash, the sack smooth as an egg with a small sprinkling of straight wispy black hairs, that thickened and grew more profusely as they reached the junction between his scrotum and his thighs, suddenly becoming a thick jungle of midnight darkness, stick straight and sticking out to either side of that magnificent shaft. The shaft itself was well veined and curved heavily upward, a thick bow curve pushing the mushroom head of that incredible erection, almost to his navel. I reached down and unconsciously began to stroke my erection to the erotic sight I had displayed in front of me. I had become engrossed in the moment, no longer even thinking how odd the situation was, something I never would have considered I'd find my self engaged in.

Doung turned to his left, facing the wall of green that was the jungle in front of us. His erection now in profile to my point of view. I quickened my stroke upon seeing this new angle he showed me. The erection curving upward, the testicles tight in the scrotum, which now had acquired a texture as he became more sexually excited. The smooth texture had gone and been replaced with a more textured surface, becoming wrinkled as I watched. He tightened his erection even further his cock quivered as he was getting closer to orgasm. He began to relax and contract his PC muscles causing his erection to wag up and down, bouncing, a stiff male sex organ made to dance and pulse. I had stopped stroking because I felt myself approach that edge of no return, and I was too entranced with this exchange, I didn't want it to end just yet it was too enticing in its erotic pull.

He turned to face me again then began to stroke his erection with that same steady unhurried stroke he had used when he said my erection looked "Beautiful.", the same sentiment I now had for his. "Please, would you allow me to observe yours in the same way?" He asked.

I hesitated, a slight moment of fear returning. He saw my hesitation and smiled at me. "It's okay.", he said,

" I understand if you don't want to." His grinned widened a bit as he took his hand off his stiff cock now even more enraged and erect than before. " But this is how I respond to seeing your erection." He said.

I realized he was right. This was the ultimate complement from a friend that felt free enough to express it to me. He found the sight of my dick hard and ready to be extremely sexually stimulating as was evidenced by his incredibly highly erotic looking erection. Suddenly the light dawned for me. This was not something as far removed from my ability to comprehend as I had first thought. This was two friends forming a bond. While being, without a doubt, an act of sexuality , it was something far more complex, something that was a part of the primitive ancient male persona. It wasn't the dual of sexual dominance it might once have been in times so long ago they are mere wisps in our DNA. It was a bonding of manhood, something only another male could experience.

I stood up, my erection as stiff as his was right then, my shaft thicker, my cockhead thick, but not as thick as his, my balls thickly furred, were a tight package as my body prepared itself for orgasm as his had done. I turned to the side giving him that same profile view he had given me . Duong squatted down, his erection a stiffened fleshy rod, now actually touching his abdomen in it's full erection. I did as he had flexing my cock making it dance and pulse for him. I watched my friend reach down and begin to stroke his erection.

The thought entered my head, " He's masturbating to my erection, he's so sexually excited from seeing my cock like this he wants to stroke himself to it." That, for some reason, caused my cock to become stiffer, just from that concept. I turned toward him bending my knees slightly so he could see what I had seen. What I now considered the ultimate visual sight for what we were doing. The erection exposed from the underside, as he had done I stroked it steadily allowing it to become further engorged, the texture fast approaching that of a cock in orgasm. I let go, I could feel the cum rising, I felt my balls tighten and pull upwards, my erection now bulged outward as it prepared to ejaculate. I held it there on the edge, not allowing myself to go over, My cock fully expanded, a small globule of cum emerging from my cock head and rolling down my shaft.

He suddenly stood up. "I'm sorry." He apologized as he reached out and wrapped his hand around my erection pulling me towards him as he did so, until our erection touched. He stroked down on my cock I returned the favor sliding my fist down his. I shivered, I was feeling another male’s cock fully sexually excited as he felt mine. I gently removed his hand and pressed our shafts together, our balls colliding. Duong groaned once, cum spat from the end of his cock covering both our erections and my hand. He put his hand on top of mine and slid it downward pressing our erection even tighter together. He moaned again and another wave of cum shot out of his erection streaming into the air in a long spurt of white rope. Falling on both our hands now firmly grasping our cocks together . I felt his cock stiffen to release it's third stream and I lost all control, our streams of cum emerged together. Entangling as they shot outward and once more falling back upon our hands. I felt dizzy from the orgasm it was so intense. Again and again my cock released forceful streams of cum. Duong kept our hands on our sex organs in a steady stroke up and down, his erection releasing wave after wave as well until our cocks were dry and only pulsed sending nothing out , they remained stiff in post ejaculatory erection. We stood there our cock entwined and both began to laugh at the pure pleasure we had experienced together. We disentangled our hands cum dripping now from our still stiff sex organs running through our pubic hair. We stepped apart and used our shirts to wipe away the majority of white liquid.

He looked at me and grinned I returned the smile. "I'm sorry I grabbed your cock." He apologized. " I couldn't help myself it looked too good I had to feel your manhood like that."

"It's, okay." I told him. "I felt the same way, after observing yours. I never thought I'd find that to be so erotic to look at."

We finished getting dressed, then returned to our task at hand of photographing the village in the morning light. We stayed in that area for four more days moving about the valley and seeing different areas talking to the people and, oh yes, masturbating together every morning.

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