TCJ Penis Loyalty Rewards Program


Q. What is your rewards program all about? 

A. TCJ wants to expand its services and programs and thought a penis loyalty program would be just the project to try, especially in light of our current world situation. TCJ members may optionally participate in fun and safe activities to earn points towards winning prizes and other TCJ perks. Members can see the current points offerings here.

Q. How do I join? 

A. If you registered with the TCJ after Sep 1st 2020 you will have been prompted to choose whether or not to automatically join the Loyalty Program. If you registered prior to Sept simply submit your first claim to and TCJ will add you to the program automatically.

Q. What do you do with the media files I submit to the program?

A. TCJ stores the files in either the secured Google, Microsoft and/or clouds. TCJ may choose to publish the files you submit as a program member in the members only area on or distribute to other members via email communication. TCJ will never share your content with non TCJ members.

Q. Do I have to show my full face with the media files I submit to the program?

A.  No, you do not need to include your face in any media content, though the content must meet the criteria as outlined in the programs terms and must be of good quality for points consideration.

Q. I changed my mind about media content I submitted to the Loyalty Program, will you delete the content?

A. While you can request any and all submitted files be deleted from the TCJ cloud platforms by emailing there is no guarantee other TCJ members did not download or share the content prior to your deletion request. Please allow up to 10 days to delete the requested content.

Q. How do I claim penis points?

A. Simply email and include the details as specified in the current offerings including the Reward Keyword

Q. How do I see my current penis points?

A. Currently we'll send you a monthly statement, but you can email to request your points status at anytime. Note that TCJ only sends monthly statements to those members with more than 0 penis points.

Program Terms

  1. Participation in the TCJ Rewards Program is free of charge and is completely optional. Members of TCJ are not required to participate. 

  2. You attest that any and all media content (including but not limited to video and audio files) submitted to the TCJ Rewards Program depicts you and only you as a legal adult and voluntary performer. You also attest that any and all content produced by you was done so legally and in a legal setting according to the laws in the location of the produced content.

  3. Any and all media content (including but not limited to video and audio files) submitted to the TCJ Rewards Program immediately becomes the sole property of the Twin Cities Jacks. You release yourself from any future ongoing legal action against TCJ, its members and/or administrators over the ownership and management of the content you submit.

  4. TCJ accepts videos in *.mp4 format with a minimum resolution of 720×480  and images in *.jpg format with a minimum resolution of 800x600.

  5. TCJ reserves the right to publish any and all submitted material to this website or with any other TCJ sponsored distributions of online materials including but not limited to email communications, newsletters, and member chat sessions.

  6. TCJ has never and will never share your personal contact information with other members or outside parties. All member information is securely stored in the, Microsoft and Google clouds. You attest that you will not or ever hold TCJ or its affiliates legally liable for accidental breaches of personal data.

  7. Penis points are awarded only upon review of your submitted materials and are subject to approval. Members that submit content that violates TCJ policies, the Rewards Program terms or does not meet the content submission criteria will not receive points and are subject to removal from the Loyalty Program, TCJ or both.

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